Available SwissDoodle Puppies


Unfortunately we don't have a litter available right now. If you fill out an application, you'll be put on the waiting list to receive a beautiful puppy of your choice in the future. 

Below are some pictures from a previous litter early December 2017. They have all been placed into wonderful forever homes. Don't hesitate to apply today and see if Swiss Doodles is a good fit for you!

Extras - 7.jpg

December 3, 2017

(all puppies from this litter are already taken)

For the 6 week old photos of Swiss doodle Puppies Photographer: Claudia Batichon owner of Simply Claudia Portraits www.simplyclaudiaportraits.com

We expect these pups will be 30-40 pounds full grown. They have wonderful personalities, just like their mini Bernedoodle dad, Triplett, and their Aussiedoodle mom, Opal. Both of the parents have thick wavy coats and very similar markings. In fact, even though Opal is an Aussiedoodle and Triplett (Trip for short) is a mini Bernedoodle, they look very much alike (see pics below).

Apply here to be put on a waiting list for a future Swiss Doodle puppy


Beulah - Girl - Collage.jpg

Beulah, Swiss Doodle Girl

Beulah is a gorgeous tri-color Swiss Doodle; her markings are striking because of the amount of white with just a bit of red above her eyes and above her paws. Her coat is wonderful, and she has a tremendous personality.

Big Brother-Swiss Doodle

Big Brother (Bro, for short), Swiss Doodle Boy

Big Brother has hints of tri-color markings. He has a tremendous personality and is always on the look out for other pups in the litter (hence the name). Bro's coat is straighter than the other pups in the litter. Whereas poodles start with very wavy coats that get curly and Australian Shepherds usually start with very thick straight coats that get thicker, Bernese Mountain Dogs usually start with straighter, fairly short coats that get longer with age. Because Bro's coat is currently similar to the texture and length of a Bernese Mountain dog (rather than a poodle). We think there is a reasonable chance that he will shed (at least some). He still will be an outstanding dog, but we would not recommend him for people with extreme allergies.

Bolt - Boy - Collage.jpg

Bolt, Swiss Doodle Boy

Bolt is a handsome Swiss Doodle; his markings are perfect and better than just about any mini Bernedoodle or Aussiedoodle that we have seen. Bolt will almost certainly be mistaken for a mini Bernedoodle (but we hope his new owners use the term "Swiss Doodle."

Chocolate Cake - Girl - Collage.jpg

Chocolate Cake, Swiss Doodle Girl (Choco for short)

Chocolate Cake is a gorgeous chocolate tri-color Swiss Doodle; her markings are striking because of the dark chocolate with the light red and the bright white streaks. Her coat is thick and begs to be petted. Choco is calm and has a great temperament and personality.

Romeo - Boy - Swiss Doodle.jpg

Romeo, Swiss Doodle Boy

Romeo is a fabulous looking tri-color Swiss Doodle; his markings are striking because of the amount of white with the red on his eyes and cheaks. Romeo has a thick coat, and engaging personality, and a way of working his way right into your heart. It will be hard to part with Romeo

Rowdy - Boy - Swiss-doodle.jpg

Rowdy, Swiss Doodle Boy

Rowdy is a nice looking Swiss Doodle; with slight tri-color markings on his eyes and cheeks. Rowdy has a super soft and thick coat. He has not lived up to his name, as he has turned into a great cuddler. Rowdy is going to make a very happy forever home.