Swiss Doodles
Swiss Doodles
Mini Bernedoodle crossed with an Aussiedoodle; tri-color phantom puppies

Bernedoodle x Aussiedoodle

Swissdoodle Puppies (Bernedoodle x Aussiedoodle)

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Crockett Doodles

Swiss Doodles


Not to be confused with the well-known Swiss Ridge Kennels in Canada, Swiss Doodles are an intentional cross between a tri-color mini Bernedoodle and a tri-color Aussiedoodle. We're the Crouch family, located in Greenville, SC, and friends of the Crocketts, who work with Crockett Doodles, a premier network of family-raised doodle puppies. To our knowledge we're the very first family to intentionally cross the Bernedoodle with the Aussiedoodle, and the results speak for themselves with our Swiss Doodles.

Our Swiss Doodle pups have been amazing! People love Bernedoodles for their beautiful tri-color markings, hypoallergenic coat, and laid back temperament. Other families adore Aussiedoodles for their smaller size, incredible intelligence, great train-ability, and excellent health.

Our family with Triplett, the mini Bernedoodle dad. He's the most wonderful dog and never leaves our side at the house!

Our family with Triplett, the mini Bernedoodle dad. He's the most wonderful dog and never leaves our side at the house!


What is a Swiss Doodle?

Swiss Doodles have hybrid vigor for increased health. For example a typical Australian Shepherd has double the lifespan of a typical Bernese Mountain Dog. Crossing the Bernese with a poodle (to get a Bernedoodle), greatly increases their lifespan (A Bernese will likely live 6-7 years and a Bernedoodle 11-12). An average Aussiedoodle may well live to be 15-17 years old. Also Aussiedoodles tend to have a more striking color patterns than Bernedoodles as they typically have more white in their color pattern than most Bernedoodles. In a nutshell the primary advantage of a Bernedoodle is the laid back temperament. People who choose an Aussiedoodle usually do so for the health, intelligence, and loyalty. Crockett Doodles has developed a reputation as an outstanding breeder of Aussiedoodles (see and Bernedoodles (see Click here for Reviews.



Why breed Swiss Doodles?

At Crockett Doodles, we decided to work with the Crouch family and got them the perfect dogs for Swiss Doodles. We are crosssing the Crouch's tri-color mini Bernedoodle (Triplett) with our tri-color mini Aussiedoodle (Opal). Triplett and Opal are both outstanding dogs with great health and wonderful temperaments. After a couple years of planning, our first ever litter of Swiss Doodles is going to homes in December of 2017. As far as we know we are the first breeder to intentionally cross a mini Bernedoodle with an Aussiedoodle. Our goal is to end up with a calm pup that everyone will mistake for a mini Bernedoodle, but they will have more striking color patterns (including a lot of white), be healthier (additional hybrid vigor), and easier to train because of the Aussiedoodle intelligence. We are thrilled with our first litter.


Why the name "Swiss Doodle"?


We have chosen the name Swiss Doodle (or SwissDoodle) for the mini Bernedoodle x Aussiedoodle cross. Swiss Doodle is the perfect name because the basic tri-color phantom color pattern is characteristic of the four famous Swiss breeds of Sennenhund. These Swiss breeds are:

1.      Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (the Swiss call them Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund)

2.      Bernese Mountain Dog; Bern is the capital of Switzerland (the Swiss call these Berner Sennenhund)

3.       Appenzeller (the Swiss name is Appenzeller Sennenhund)

4.      Entlebucher Mountain Dog (in Swiss, this is the Entlebucher Sennenhund)

The Swiss breeds have identical color patterns, but vary in their size, and thickness of their coats.


Nathan Crockett (the founder of Crockett Doodles) has strong Swiss ties and is excited to offer the new breed of Swiss Doodle as part of the Crockett Doodles network of home-raised doodle puppies.

Nathan's maternal grandmother grew up in Switzerland, married a Dutch man, and partially raised her children (including Nathan's mom) in Holland. We love our Bernedoodles and our Aussiedoodles equally well. We understand why some families want a breed a little less energetic than the typical Aussiedoodle, but desire something easier to train and longer living than some Bernedoodles. We think the Swiss Doodle will become increasingly popular--particularly to early adopters. We realize that many people may just refer to their Swiss Doodle as a mini Bernedoodle, as most everyone mistakes them for that. We hope the name "Swiss Doodle" will stick, but we understand that some families may prefer to use the name "mini Bernedoodle" for their new family member. 


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What Is

a Swiss Doodle?

Swiss Doodles are a combination of a mini Bernedoodle and an Aussiedoodle. Most people who see one immediately think that it's a mini Bernedoodle, because they typically look very similar to a Bernedoodle.

Why did we decide to add the Aussiedoodle to the Bernedoodle?


Swiss Ridge Kennels specializes in Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. At Crockett Doodles we have a network that offers Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, and Aussiedoodles. We are not connected with Swiss Ridge Bernedoodles. Many families wanting a tri-color phantom puppy have asked us whether they should get an Aussiedoodle or a Bernedoodle. To our knowledge we are the world's first breeder to intentionally cross a laid back tri-color Aussiedoodle with a mini Bernedoodle (not even Swiss Ridge Kennels in Canada does that). Throughout this website you will see pictures of our first Swiss Doodle litter going to forever homes right before Christmas 2017. Click here to Apply for a pup from this litter. We took these beautiful Swiss Doodle puppy pictures at 3 weeks and again at 6 weeks. You can see the pups change over time in the doodle pictures throughout the site.

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swiss doodle cuddling
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Swiss Doodles

Why adopt a Swiss Doodle puppy from Crockett Doodles?

Visit to find out more about our network of premium, family-raised doodle breeders. We especially encourage you to read the many reviews that families have left. Click here for Crockett Doodles reviews.


True Application

Our application can be intimidating at first, but we're one of the few breeders who has a true application looking for the ideal forever families. We have far more demand than supply, so we can accept only the best families. This means we will be realistic in assessing whether or not your family would be a good fit for a Swiss Doodle.

Fully Refundable Deposit

With Crockett Doodles, you can have your deposit refunded at any time for any reason. Even one day after you place it. We're not aware of any other breeder that has a fully refundable deposit. Almost always other doodle breeders have "non-refundable deposits."


If your application is accepted for a Swiss Doodle, you can apply the deposit to any doodle breed within the Crockett Doodles family raised network. You also can wait on your ideal pup in the right timing for your family. In other words, you're never "locked in" to a specific doodle litter. You can "pass" on as many litters as you want to. 

Awesome Health Guarantee

As far as we know, our health guarantee is "the best in the business." We also extend it to three years for all of our adopting families who feed the high quality food that we recommend. 

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
— Josh Billings
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